VMZINC Roofing

In order to meet architects' demands, VMZINC has developed innovative systems which use all the material qualities of zinc: long-lasting, malleable, flexible, aesthetic and prestigious.

VMZINC offers a range of systems supplied with preformed finishing accessories produced specifically for covering facades in the service and residential sector, for both new construction and renovation.


Roofing systems


Laying direction

Type of facade

Double lock standing seam

Double lock standing seam


Straight, curved or complex

VMZ Joint Ddebout Couv




Straight or curved

VMZ Adeka

 Flat Lock Tile

Button Telecharger

Flat lock panel Horizontal or
Straight or
VMZ Profil Aggrafe


Zinc is a popular roofing material that is known for its beauty as well as environmentally friendly properties. It has been used on roofs for more than 100 years and is widely utilized in architectural designs. Compared to other metals, zinc is a truly versatile material that is best suited to manufacture metal roof sheet designs and offers artistically impressive lines and outstanding shapes. Additionally, this metal is completely recyclable that does not lose its quality or suffer any degradation.

VMZINC, one of the leading metal roofing sheets manufacturers, has developed innovative roofing systems to be at par architects' demands. The roofing systems of VMZINC use thorough material qualities of zinc like long-lastingness, malleability, flexibility, and a prestigious look.

VMZINC offers a broad range of systems supplied with preformed finishing accessories produced specifically for covering roofs in all kind of buildings like airports, stadiums, auditoriums, commercial buildings and residential buildings. Zinc Roofing system are ideal for new construction and as well as renovation projects.

VMZINC offers customized roofing systems for insulated and non-insulated roofing applications. VMZINC roofing system includes roofing tiles, standing seam system & roofing shingles. Owing to the patination process, zinc has an exceptionally long life of around 80 -100 years on a roof. The throughout life of VMZINC roofing also depends on the circumjacent conditions.

Are you looking out for more benefits of a zinc roof? Well, the mavens of custom metal roofing VMZINC can offer more information and thoughts that will indeed give you a perfect solution to your roofing needs. Contact us today and grasp an idea of the zinc roof for your new architecture or building renovation project.




  • What are the different Roofing System we offer?

    VMZINC Offers customised roofing Systems for Insulated and Non Insulated roofing applications. VMZINC offers standing seam system, roofing tiles, roofing shingles for roofing.

    Where i can buy metal roofing sheet?

    VMZINC offers metal Roofing systems. Please contact VMZINC offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore for your roofing requirements or visit our website www.vmzinc.in.

    How do tile roofs work?

    VMZINC Metal Roofing systems are proposed for Sloping or Pitched Roof.. VMZINC Roofing systems can be installed over purlins with or without insulation as per the requirement.

    Which standing steam technique is useful in extreme climate regions?

    VMZINC Double lock standing seam system is recommended for harsh and extreme climatic conditions. VMZINC is a non ferrous metal and doesn’t not rust or corrode in harsh climatic conditions. It can sustain all kinds of extreme climatic conditions.

    How often should Roof tiles be replaced?

    VMZINC roofing tiles can sustain for 80 -100 years. However, using other materials for roofing tiles could necessitate a replacement as early as 10 years.

    Will a VMZINC metal roof rust?

    VMZINC reacts with moisture and carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere to form a protective layer over its surface called patina. While many consumers believe that all metal is susceptible to rust, VMZINC is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes VMZINC the perfect option when building in a humid or high-moisture environment.

    Are Roof Shingles available in VMZINC Metal Roofing System ?

    VMZINC offers different roofing systems for different type of buildings. VMZINC offers customised roofing tiles and roofing shingles for roofing applications.

    What Kind of Roofing tiles are available in VMZINC Metal Roofing System

    VMZINC Offers 0.65 /0.7 /0.8 mm thick roofing tiles in various shapes and sizes as per your design.

    Does VMZINC offer an Insulated Roofing System ?

    Yes VMZINC offers an Insulated roofing system as per required U value and STC for your project.

    What kind of gutter and rain water accessories are available for VMZINC metal roof ?

    VMZINC offer different shapes of gutters - half round, square, rectangle and associated rain water accessories in VMZINC.

    How Long does a VMZINC metal roof last ?

    VMZINC is a non ferrous metal. Because of the patination process, VMZINC has an exceptionally long life and can easily last for 80 -100 years on a roof. The life of VMZINC roofing is also dependent on the ambient conditions.

    Does VMZINC offer roofing solution using flat panels?

    Yes, VMZINC offers roofing solutions that use flat panels. The VMZINC Adeka and VMZINC Flat lock panels systems can be used for roofing.