single lock standing seam



What is Perforation?

Perforated comes in a large selection of hole shapes and sizes. The perforation is used for sunscreen to reduce heat again and for air ventilation purpose.


Surface aspects: Natural Zinc / QUARTZ-ZINC / ANTHRA-ZINC

Thickness 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm
Size Customised
Width Maximum 1000mm
Support Framework or galvanized steel


Key Advantages:
Economical 100% UV resistant
Discrete Perforated zinc does not need ti be post painted
Zinc has a great resistance to corrosion

Perforated is available for wall applications in the following panel systems:

  • Single lock standing seam
  • Overlapping panel
  • Interlocking Panel
  • Flat Lock panel
  • Sine wave profile


Perforation is for façades

Please refer to the installation recommendations of the Façade systems of this web site.


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Today, the application of zinc is changing and adapting to the cutting-edge architectural trends in order to deliver high-level interior comfort and energy saving. Zinc being an opaque material by nature can become a lace, veil, or mesh, on a building envelope owing to perforation. VMZINC, a maven in the space of rolled zinc building solutions, offers a wide spectrum of standard or customised perforations as per the comeliness and degree of sought-after transparency.

With perforations, buildings are becoming highly efficient. Though, envelopes can be clad in meshes to make facades vibrant and to create innumerable plays of shadow and light, perforated VMZINC® provides a dynamic as well as an intriguing ook to the building during the daytime. While, at nightfall, perforated zinc seems to fade, unlocking the illuminated core of the building. It animates the facades when used with LED backlights.

Owing to its originality, perforation is becoming vastly prevalent among architects. The multi-shaped perforations once combined with distinctive VMZINC cladding systems make the texture of facades even more appealing. With 30% of perforation, the transparent effect is more striking. The form, dimensions, and distribution of perforations are defined on request, according to project requirements. Moreover, using VMZINC perforated cladding systems in front of the windows helps improve the thermal performance of buildings by dropping the use of air conditioning notably. This is just because of the natural temperature regulation. The sunscreens filter the heat while retaining natural light inside the building. This curtain-filter also protects occupants from the exterior view offering privacy to them

Perforated zinc is the best way to offer solar protection and contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings. This especially works best on exposed facades. It contributes to interior comfort by allowing natural light to dive into living spaces and ensuring the privacy of people.

Additionally, perforated zinc has self-protective properties due to which it acquires a natural texture. It has corrosion-free properties as well and such fundamental qualities of zinc make it a perfect material for perforated cladding systems. Making its use will offer all the elegance and lifespan to the project.

VMZinc offers a broad array of perforated metal screens, jaali design, and expanded mesh in Zinc Titanium Sheets.



  • What are the benefits of VMZINC perforated facade?

    VMZINC Perforated façade allows ventilation & light inside the building without compromising much on privacy. It also enhances aesthetics, improves building performance, it's durability & sustainability as well.

    What are the different areas of applications of VMZINC perforated panels?

    VMZINC Perforated panels can be used as a sun screen or as a sun shading metal facade. They can also be used for Car parking areas and to cover air conditioning units. In interiors they can be used for columns, ceilings, walls with backlight provision.

    Can VMZINC have customised Design Pattern in Perforated sheets or screen ?

    Yes, VMZINC can help with customised perforation patterns & designs as per the architectural intent using CNC, Water Jet & Laser Cut techniques.