In order to meet architects' demands, VMZINC has developed innovative systems which use all the material qualities of zinc: long-lasting, malleable, flexible, aesthetic and prestigious..

VMZINC offers a range of systems supplied with preformed finishing accessories produced specifically for covering facades in the service and residential sector, for both new construction and renovation.


Facade systems


Laying direction

Type of facade

Single lock standingseam

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Single lock standing seam Horizontal 
Curved or 
VMZ Joint Debout

 Flat lock panel

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Flat lock panel Horizontal or
Straight or
VMZ Profil Aggrafe

 Interlocking panel

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Interlocking panel Horizontal or 
Straight VMZ Pae



Adeka Vertical Straight or 
VMZ Adeka

 Overlapping panels

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Overlapping panels Vertical Stgraight VMZ Clin

Sine wave profile

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Sine wave profile Horizontal Straight VMZ Profil Sinus



Expanded mesh Horizontal 
Straight  Mesh



Expanded mesh Horizontal 
Straight  Mesh


Perforation Horizontal
Curved or 
Perfo Thumb

 Expanded mesh


Expanded mesh Horizontal
Curved or 


Facade / Cladding


Exterior design is shifting its focus from 2-D approach towards an advanced and appealing 3-D approach that uses contemporary minimalistic material to create a simple, uncluttered façade. When it comes to metal cladding, architects & building owners usually think of ACP (Aluminum Composite cladding). However, a lot of people are unaware of Zinc Cladding which is a vastly superior product in the market.

We, VMZINC, are one of the top companies in the world that manufactures Zinc Titanium alloy for various architectural facades applications.

Zinc cladding has several benefits of over ACP. Zinc’s resistance to corrosion along with its natural pre-weathered finishes which are driving the ever-increasing popularity of zinc in Wall cladding application. Moreover, Zinc is malleable and can be easily bend in different shapes and forms. This aids in meeting the design requirements of the facade. Not least, but zinc can also be used for simple facades or on complex 3 dimensional parametric facades.

Zinc Cladding - A Superior Choice than the Other Popular Options

You can always use aluminum composite panel, Steel sheets, wood and stone for your exterior wall cladding. There is nothing to deny that They are rather popular options available in the Indian market. For most people, out there aluminum and steel happen to be the primary choices when it comes to Metal Cladding for facades. The likes of Stainless steel and copper are regarded as exotic options in these cases. However, zinc cladding is a lot more durable than the popular cladding options. Zinc is an environmental- friendly metal for a number of reasons. Additionally, Zinc can be recycled infinitely without loss of properties and quality. While the recycling rate of zinc depends mainly on the collection rate of zinc-containing products at their end of life, over 90% of these collected products are recycled.

However, Zinc titanium alloy is a premium metal like copper & stainless steel that offers countless options as well as the flexibility to architects. With these, the architects can experiment with the amazing and creative design ideas for facades.

Zinc Cladding is a highly sustainable green material which is why it is highly recommended for facades and roofs. It has an abundant lifespan that ranges from 80 to 100 years that solely depends on the atmosphere type. And no maintenance or replacement would be required over this long period.

Zinc is also a fungistat, which is an agent that prohibits the reproduction of mold, mildew and fungus. This can greatly reduce the risk of moss or even black mold from forming on the exterior of a building in areas that are in contact with the metal.

In the environmental terms, zinc titanium has been the topmost and efficient material among the metallic solutions used for building envelopes. However, buildings with zinc envelopes are certified across the globe and signify the importance of zinc titanium alloy in obtaining a renowned Sustainable Building certification like LEED, GRIHA, BREEAM, and more.

Zinc Cladding- A Fire Retardant

Fire Resistant or FR grade of the cladding Material coupled with aesthetical appeal are the key features which architects and façade consultants look for while choosing the material for their façade.

In the case of Fire performance, Zinc Cladding is genuinely a Non-Combustible material. Zinc Cladding is Fire Retardant. The pre-weathered rolled zinc meets the requirements of the building material class A2 in line with the standard /EN 13501-1/.

The Prominence of Zinc cladding

As opposed to the likes of dry cladding, zinc wall cladding is highly weather-resistant which its incredible characteristic. In regular steel cladding, you could see rust if the weather conditions are not favorable. On the contrary, zinc cladding can resist such factors while making it highly durable.  In a nutshell, it’s amazing properties make zinc cladding more durable.

Most of us are familiar with the notion of oxidation in which rust on the steel is observed. In the case of steel, it will keep on getting corroded if there is rust on the surface making it worthless to use. On the other hand, when exposed to carbon dioxide and moisture, zinc forms a layer of zinc carbonate on the surface that gives an additional beauty to it along with the desired durability. 

Wide Continuum of Zinc Applications

There can be no doubt that when it comes to metal cladding and metal façade it is hard to find a material that is better than zinc. Resistance to weathering and manufacturability are only some of the benefits that you get from the metal. 

Zinc is a prefered material for modern facade design. Zinc is used as a cladding material in a plethora of architectural applications. For instance, it is used in airports, auditoriums, museums, hangars, commercial buildings, corporate buildings,  new housing estates as well as modern buildings.

We, at VMZINC, understand the immense potential of zinc cladding and hence propose different panel systems of installation which are enumerated below:

  • Standing Seam
  • Interlocking Panel
  • Flat Lock Panel
  • Sine Wave Profile
  • Overlapping Panels
  • ADEKAZ Shingles
  • Zinc Composite Panels
  • Zinc Honeycomb Panels
  • Custom Profiles
  • Perforated panels
  • Expanded Mesh

It is possible to get customized system from VMZINC that meet your design intent. At VMZINC we can help you achieve parametric facades vide our customized offerings.

You can also create transparency in your facades with our perforated and expanded mesh solutions.




  • What are the benefits of VMZINC panels over aluminium composite panels?

    VMZINC Titanium Alloy has superior finish, very long lifespan, better fixing details & is almost maintenance free as compared to ACP.

    What are the types of facade design VMZINC offers?

    VMZINC offers all types of designs solutions & technical assistance to achieve 2D, 3D & parametric façade profiles.

    What are the benefits of a VMZINC facade?

    A VMZINC façade helps to enhance the aesthetical look of the building while protecting it from climatic conditions, in turn increasing the life of the building.

    How are VMZINC Metal facades Fixed?

    VMZINC façades have multiple installation techniques ranging from Rain screen façades, ventilated facades to Open groove façade systems.

    Does VMZINC offer Composite Panels and Honey comb Panels?

    Yes, VMZINC has options of VMZINC composite panels with a Fire Retardant mineral core & VMZINC Honeycomb panels.

    What are the various kinds of VMZINC cladding panels?

    VMZINC has various façade cladding systems ranging from Standing seam, Flatlock, Interlocking, Overlapping, Sinewave, Adeka, Zinc Composite Panels, Honeycomb Panels & customised façade panel options.

    What is the thickness of VMZINC panels used for façade cladding?

    VMZINC cladding panel thicknesses range from 0.65mm upto 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm is special cases. The thickness depends on various parameters like proposed system, panel size, wind load, building height etc.

    Does VMZINC help you enhance your wall by using a 3d wall panel?

    VMZINC helps you Conceptualise & Design suitable 3D façade pattern based on the available resources and practical limitations. Contact VMZINC for further assistance.

    What are the different shapes of facade VMZINC provides?

    VMZINC designs, produces & supplies panels for all kind of façade shapes ranging from Flat, Convex, Concave, Inclined, Angular, Taper & Parametric shapes.

    Can VMZINC have Façade Panels customised as per our façade design?

    Yes, VMZINC can design, produce & supply customised façade panels as per Architectural design intent.

    Does VMZINC offer solutions for Parametric facades ?

    Yes, VMZINC offers parametric façade solutions. Some of the parametric façade projects completed by VMZINC can be seen under the "Make it yours" tab on the website.