Make it yours


Our mission at VMZINC is to give the means to architects to create this unique design that they have in mind for their clients. Our team of dedicated architects, engineers and technicians provide innovative solutions that respect budgetary requirements whilst helping meet industry standards.

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Special Shapes

Embossing stamping


Zinc is a natural material that just gets more beautiful with the passing years. When the zinc is combined with modern techniques and new systems, bold and innovative expressions and shapes emerge. With nature's tones and moods, the traditional zinc combines a number of new colors and new shapes.

Since inception, VMZINC is delivering unique solutions for zinc facades using beautiful and innovative systems for your building. We have been consistently providing customized façade profiles in zinc with various depths, special shapes, patterns, embossing of the material, and new compositions. With VMZINC, your need for customization is easily attainable.

VMZINC ‘MAKE IT YOURS’ stands for the customized solutions offered to architects/clients as per the requirement of the project design. We provide custom finishes and colors for your façade/roofing systems like 3D Wall Panels, Parametric Façade, etc. Moreover, we also focus on performing customization of VMZINC standard systems to adapt to the project design. Our team of professionals is expert in making new customized profiles/ panels to meet the design intent shared by the architect.

Owing to the best-in-class properties of VMZINC material like malleability, adaptability, etc. along with the technical expertise and surface treatment, we are able to provide precise and customized solutions to architects.