• What is VMZINC ?

    The VMZINC brand name represents a full range of Titanium-Zinc products in the form of sheets, coils & Manufactured products & systems used for roofing, cladding & interiors..This extensive range of products and systems reflects our wealth of professional and practical experience and the variety of climates and standards that VMZINC is designed to meet world-wide.

    Is VMZINC a recyclable material?

    VMZINC is potentially 100% recyclable. In Europe, 95 % of old rolled zinc is recycled. The success of rolled zinc recycling is due to a very well organised recycling market.

    Is VMZINC material sustainable?

    VMZINC is one of the most sustainable roofing & cladding materials available today, with a lifespan ranging from 80 to 100 plus years.

    Is VMZINC material fire resistant?

    Being a single skin metal, VMZINC is classified under Class A2 fire retardant materials in line with the standard /EN 13501-1/. VMZINC is non-combustible. It does not allow fire to propagate or spread any kind of toxic fumes.