Umicore environmental policy

Umicore Group

The Umicore Group places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy for progress and innovation. It defines a sustainable development policy and sets quantifiable objectives for the continuous improvement of its QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment), societal and economic performance. These objectives apply to each of the group's Business Units (BU), including the Building Products Business Unit. The Umicore Group publishes an annual report in which annual results in terms of sustainable development are presented.

Environmental objectives - Umicore Group - 2011-2015
Objective 1 Reduce the carbon footprint
Objective 2 Reduce metallic emissions
Objective 3 Demonstrate the sustainability of our products

The Building Products Unit - VMZINC

The Building Products unit deploys the sustainable development policy and the environmental objectives at all of its industrial sites. Since 2005 French Building Products unit's industrial sites have been ISO 14001 certified.

Since 2009, the Building Products unit has also been deploying a "product" environmental policy intended to improve its environmental balance sheet and its contribution to sustainable building.

"Product" environmental objectives - Building Products Unit - 2011-2015
Objective 1 Reduce the carbon footprint
Objective 2 Maximize the use of rolled zinc for ecological and/or low energy construction